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Maintenance of equipments

The Health Care Equipment and Supplies Act (1505/94) obliges health care units - both public and private - and individual professionals to ensure that health care equipment is in working order at all times.

Registration of equipment and its maintenance is essential. This allows you to trace the moment when, for example, the accuracy of the device was last checked. By law, the equipment may only be installed, serviced and repaired by a person with the necessary professional skills and expertise. Equipment user organizations must follow the maintenance and calibration instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure that the performance of the equipment remains within the limits specified by the manufacturer.


Diter Oy provides maintenance and calibration services for its products.
Maintenance operations are part of a certified quality system.

• The measuring devices used are traceably calibrated
• Documented maintenance procedures.
• Fast service
• Possibility get measurement report and paid certificate of calibration.


Electrotherapy and ultrasound devices maintenaance and calibration should be done every two (2) years.


Contact manufacturer by phone or via email before sending the device.

Take an insurance for the device for possible damage or disappearance during delivery.

Diter Oy is not responsible for any breakage during transport or loss of the shipment.

Pack the device carefully. Include accessories in the shipment. NOTE! When you send an ultrasound device, include treatment head(s)in the shipment so that they can checked and calibrated at the same time with the ultrasound device.

Laitteen mukaan tulee kirjoittaa lähete , joka sisältää seuraavat tiedot:

  • Senders name
  • Delivery and billing address
  • Description of what kind of maintenance the device needs and a notification if price estimate is needed.
  • Short written troubleshooting
  • Information on when the device is needed back.


It is possible to have a return drop off order to devices that comes to service.

If you want to send a device or accessories to service, it is possible to use PostNord Return Drop Off service to return parcels. Pickup time varies by location.
For Return Drop Off service we need following information:

  • Contact persons name, phone number an e-mail addressa
  • Pickup address
  • Weight of the parcel
  • paketin mitat (korkeus x leveys x pituus)

When the information in sent to us via e-mail, we will order the return drop off service to your shipment. We'll send you a bill of lading to your e-mail address.
Print the consignment note and affix it to your parcel in that way that the barcode can be easily read. After this the package is ready for the pickup.


Device and/or accessories can be delivered by Posti to our company door. Shipment is priced by weight. 

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Dispatching costs will be added to service price unless their is another agreement.


You may deliver devices also personally to our company. Please contact us before your visit.